Car Transport USA will not only provide you with the option to track your vehicle online but you will also have our customer service team there to support you from pick up to delivery for your car transport shipping.

As an added bonus Car Transport USA will provide you with the auto shipping carriers full contact information to ensure you will always be able to communicate with someone while your vehicle during the car transport shipping.

Here at Car Transport USA we put you in the driver seat.

We understand how stressful car transport shipping can be and what your vehicle means to you. This is why we take the utmost care in making sure that your vehicle is handled by the auto shipping carriers as if it was our own. Having years of experience allows us to quickly and safely transport your vehicle.

Car Transport USA offers Door-to-Door services

which allows your car transport shipping to be picked up and dropped off at the addresses you’ve provided. If the auto shipping carriers are unable to deliver your vehicle to the address provided, your auto shipping carriers will contact you to make alternate arrangements for a suitable nearby commercial location.

Enclosed auto shipping carriers with Car Transport USA

will transport your vehicle on a completely enclosed trailer designed to protect your vehicle from dirt and inclement weather. Ideal for: Antique Cars Exotic Cars Custom Cars Personal Preference

Car Transport USA use auto shipping carriers with same driver and one truck.

Your car transport shipping will remain with the same auto shipping carriers throughout the entire car transport shipping, eliminating terminals and the need to load and unload your vehicle multiple times.

Car Transport USA is an auto transport broker,

specializing in the car transport shipping of also trucks, SUVs and vans. We work closely with customers to find them the best auto shipping carriers for their auto transport needs.

As a broker, Car Transport USA has access to hundreds of auto shipping carriers and companies.

This gives us the ability to pick and choose from only the best. We only work with auto shipping carriers who are fully insured, reputable and trustworthy.

For most people, their automobile is one of their most valuable possessions.

That is why Car Transport USA takes extra precautions when choosing auto shipping carriers that is right for your car transport shipping.

Why Should I Check A Company's Licensing Information?

There are a number of reasons that you might want to check a company's licensing information.

First of all, you want to make sure that the auto shipping carriers you're working with is licensed. Working with unlicensed auto shipping carriers is illegal, so confirming their status is important for obvious reasons. You'll also want to know what kind of licensing your auto shipping carriers have, as this can be important for fact checking. Some auto shipping carriers, for instance, insist that they have their own trucks or aren't brokers, etc. If you have their MC number, then you can either confirm or deny what they've told you.

To do this, you'll need a company's Motor Carrier (MC) Number. Many Auto shipping carriers provide their MC number on their website. If you don't find the MC number there, give them a call and ask for it. Be very careful of auto shipping carriers that hesitate to give you their MC number, as they probably do not want you to have access to their information!

How do I Check A Company's Licensing Information?

Once you have the MC number, you can go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) website to check their information by clicking here. From here, you'll be able to view any auto shipping carriers licensing status.

To see what kind of authority a company has (common carrier, contract carrier, or broker,) you can simply check the AUTHORITY TYPE table.

Auto Transport Done the Right Way

Here at Cat Transport USA, we believe that the best way to gain our customer's trust is to be open and honest.

We have the integrity to lay all of our auto transport shipping knowledge out in the light of day so that our customers know what we know. After all, the best way to make good decisions is to have adequate knowledge. So learn about auto transport shipping and make the right choices for all of you car transport shipping needs. Choose wisely, choose Car Transport USA! Call us today at (800)670-0857 and make your auto transport shipping reservations with the best auto shipping carriers in the country today!

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